Monday, August 17, 2015

Liberal Kryptonite

Let's see....
We have abuse of a lion, a policeman, the Confederate flag and Donald Trump.
All knee jerk shallow assed  liberal social complaints.
I think it's funny as hell.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Everything Passes Today

A Congress that cannot accomplish a real thing, passes 5 separate bills, none of which where anything a politicians would brag about to his mother. presents the MEGAVOTE on August 3, 2015, for Georgia's 13th Congressional District.

Recent Congressional Votes
  • Senate: Surface Transportation Reauthorization – Passage
  • Senate: Three-Month Surface Transportation Extension and Veterans Health Care – Passage
  • House: Congressional Approval of Major Rules
  • House: Veterans Affairs Accountability and Highway Transportation Funding – Passage
  • House: Veterans Affairs Accountability – Passage
Upcoming Congressional Bills
  • Senate: A bill to prohibit Federal funding of Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Recent Senate Votes:
Surface Transportation Reauthorization – Passage Vote Passed (65-34, 1 Not Voting)That Senate passed a bill as amended, that would provide a six-year authorization of highway and transit programs, with a roughly $45 billion package of offsets, enough to cover three years of shortfalls in the Highway Trust Fund. The measure would authorize for the federal-aid highway program from the Highway Trust Fund $39.6 billion in fiscal 2016, with levels annually increasing to $45.7 billion in fiscal 2021.
Sen. Johnny Isakson voted YES
Sen.David Perdue voted NO
What is the matter dudes, have you been spending those gas pump tax dollars for stuff other than roads? There are informed folks out there that suggest this is a typical shell game, that promises more than it will deliver and still withholds states having authority.

Three-Month Surface Transportation Extension and Veterans Health Care – Passage Vote Passed (91-4, 5 Not Voting)The Senate passed a bill that would extend the authorization for federal-aid highway and transit programs through Oct. 29, 2015. Authority to spend money from the Highway Trust Fund would also be extended through that date. The bill would transfer $8.1 billion from the Treasury to replenish the Highway Trust Fund and cover projected shortfalls so that projects could continue to be fully funded during that time (the amount transferred would cover projected trust fund shortfalls through the end of the year). The measure also would allow the Veterans Affairs Department (VA) to use $3.4 billion from the Veterans Choice Fund to pay for care provided - from May 1 to Oct. 1, 2015 - to veteran patients by non-VA providers under VA Care in the Community programs.
Sen. Johnny Isakson voted YES
Sen. David Perdue voted YES
Stop gap crap. Hey that rhymes.

Recent House Votes:
Congressional Approval of Major Rules Vote Passed (243-165, 25 Not Voting)
The House passed a bill that would amend the Congressional Review Act to require Congress to approve all executive agency regulatory proposals categorized as "major rules" before their implementation and would also create an expedited consideration process for joint congressional resolutions of approval. The bill defines "major rules" as regulations with an annual economic impact greater than $100 million, and would not require congressional approval of regulations that are not categorized as "major rules" or of rule proposals issued by the Federal Reserve or the Federal Open Market Committee.
Rep. David Scott voted NO
Purely political vote on Mr. Scott's part. Probably a purely political contrivance in the first place.

Veterans Affairs Accountability and Highway Transportation Funding – Passage Vote Passed (385-34, 1 Present, 13 Not Voting)The House passed a bill that would reauthorize federal-aid highway and transit programs for three months, through October 2015, and would transfer $8.1 billion from the Treasury to the Highway Trust Fund to cover shortfalls during that time. The bill also would authorize the Veterans Affairs Department (VA) to use $3.4 billion to pay for veteran care through non-VA providers and instruct the VA to consolidate all non-VA programs into a single program.
Rep. David Scott voted YES
Carried down from above.

Veterans Affairs Accountability – Passage Vote Passed (256-170, 7 Not Voting)The House passed a bill that would expand the ability of the Veterans Affairs (VA) Department to remove or demote VA employees based on performance or misconduct. The bill would also protect VA whistle blowers that report misconduct, modify the Senior Executive Service performance appraisal process, establish an 18-month probationary period for new VA employees, and place limits on administrative leave and bonuses within the VA.
Rep. David Scott voted NO
It would be easy to be cynical about politicians decides on rules that make other s more accountable., but this is exactly that. Why all the Democrats would vote against something like this is also beyond me. Probably because it is a form of a slap at their leader.

Upcoming Votes:
A bill to prohibit Federal funding of Planned Parenthood Federation of America - S.1881
This Senate bill would prohibit federal funding of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

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Weed Killer

For Christmas the bride gave me a subscription to Consumer Reports.
For the most part the magazine is informative even if it does lack being entertainment.
Here is the recipe for copy:

One (1) gallon vinegar
Two (2) cups Epsom salt
One quarter (1/4) cup Dawn dish washing soap
This consistency can be put in a typical spray bottle.
Spray it on, watch it die while saving money.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

This One Is Longer

I have always been a big fan of the blog Grouchy Old Cripple. Every week Denny has recurring themes. A more recent thread is the Uninformed Voter Joke, and this week's is above average.
A doctor was explaining to an Uninformed Voter how nature adjusts for certain physical disabilities.
“For example, if a man is blind, he develops a keen sense of hearing and touch. If he’s stone deaf, he develops other senses.”
“I know what you mean,” said the Uninformed Voter. “I’ve noticed that if someone has one short leg, then the other one is always a bit longer.”
 Thank you.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Good God I Hope So

Senator Ted Cruz accused Mitch McConnell of being a liar.
To me that is simply a statement of observation.
Is the GOP on the Brink of Civil War?
I say that I hope so because the leadership of the Republican Party has morphed into a wing of the Democratic Party.
Mitch McConnel and John Boehner That act as if they will take no risks before the next presidential election. This risk aversion has made them the patsy of President Obama, TPP and the Iran Agreement are perfect examples, in both situations citizens recognized that the the Senate set up self imposed restrictions that guaranteed passage of distasteful executive offerings. The Iran agreement literally created a circumvention of the Constitution, all by pretending that a treaty is not a treaty. The bar for which the President must be stopped will be a super majority vote of both houses, basically impossible.
Another explanation is that they are all on the same team, and the general public has no access.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

I Got The Vote Right Here

Its effect is so severe....
Ok, let's get started, this is about a week late and what will be coming out soon may have more than the normal amount of histrionics. This may be a low key precursor. presents MEGAVOTE on July 20, 2015 for Georgia's 13th Congressional District:
Recent Congressional Votes
 * Senate: No Child Left Behind Overhaul - Passage
 * House: Veterans Loans - Passage
 * House: Transportation Funding and California Drought – Passage
 * House: California Drought – Passage
Upcoming Congressional Bills
 * Senate: Hire More Heroes Act
 * House: Federal Employee Antidiscrimination Act
 * House: Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act
Recent Senate Votes:
No Child Left Behind Overhaul - Passage Vote Passed (81-17, 2 Not Voting)
The Senate passed a bill that would reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the law that authorizes federal spending on kindergarten through high school. It would let states decide how to judge schools' success and wouldn't require any type of teacher evaluation. It would require states to continue testing students annually, but would leave it up to states to decide what weight those scores have when rating schools.
Sen. Johnny Isakson voted YES
Sen. David Perdue voted YES
 This sounds like its giving more control to the states Mitch, are you sure that you shouldn't check to see if President didn't like it first?
Recent House Votes:
Veterans Loans - Passage Vote Passed (410-1, 22 Not Voting)
The House agreed to a motion to suspend the rules and pass a bill that would permanently waive the guarantee fee for veterans and their spouses applying for Small Business Administration (SBA) express loans, beginning Oct. 1, 2015. The bill defines eligibility for the waiver based on the veteran status of the loan applicant, rather than whether the business is considered a veteran-owned small business.
Rep. David Scott voted YES
 Waiving fees that their own bureaucracy created, they are such good people, always looking out fot the the little guys.
Transportation Funding and California Drought – Passage Vote Passed (312-119, 2 Not Voting)
The House passed a bill that would reauthorize federal-aid highway and transit programs through Dec. 18, 2015 and would transfer $8.1 billion in funding from the Treasury to the Highway Trust Fund to cover projected trust fund shortfalls over that time. The measure completely offsets the cost of the proposed funding transfer by extending for two years the current budgetary treatment of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) fees as mandatory savings and through several tax compliance provisions.
Rep. David Scott voted YES
Sound like the approval of a lie. Designating that interdepartmental fees are classified as mandatory savings?
California Drought – Passage Vote Passed (245-176, 12 Not Voting)
The House passed a bill that would  require that more water from Northern California be pumped south for agricultural uses in the Central Valley in times of drought, and would require the Interior and Commerce departments to approve any emergency projects or operations that would quickly provide additional water to those users. The bill would also implement a coordinated environmental review process to expedite the environmental review of certain water projects, such as dams and water storage facilities.
Rep. David Scott voted YES
Expediting the review process of governmental agencies. Most of which are populated with people whose purpose supersedes the good of the general public. The damned government is the problem assholes. Stop trying to make everything better, you are only good at screwing things up.
Upcoming Votes:
Hire More Heroes Act - H.R.22
The bill would amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to exempt employees with health coverage under TRICARE or the Veterans Administration from being taken into account for purposes of determining the employers to which the employer mandate applies under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
Another opportunity for politicians to vote for something that make them look good, expends a huge portion of energy and capital on systemic friction and delivers very little to the needy. 
Federal Employee Antidiscrimination Act - H.R.1557
The bill would amend the Notification and Federal Employee Antidiscrimination and Retaliation Act of 2002 to strengthen Federal antidiscrimination laws enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and expand accountability within the Federal government, and for other purposes.
Brought to you by a government that profits from picking one group over another.
Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act - H.R.1599
The bill would amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act with respect to food produced from, containing, or consisting of a bioengineered organism, the labeling of natural foods, and for other purposes.
Businesses are pulling some dishonest shit with their customer, but I am guess that as usual the act was probably written by food industry lobbyists and creates loopholes for the industry leaders.  We're just the pigs at the trough, gobbling up whatever crap they create.
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Friday, July 24, 2015

Raising the Visa Bar

But only for Christians.

U.S. State Dept. Bars Christians from Testifying about Persecution

By this account the Executive branch is still playing at promoting the illogical peaceful Muslim narrative.

The whole world sees what is happening, but "world view" politicians keep pretending the expression of violence is really a demonstration of peacefulness.

Back Door Policy

Or maybe, Leading From Behind?
Tasteless, yes.

Friday, July 10, 2015

A President Who Campaigned Against Same Sex Marriage

Changes his mind and the logjam of resistance is broken.
The embracing of the President's changed position by the the media is disingenuous, intentionally ignorant of the past.
Flashing the colors of victory on the White House offends a lot of people, even if it isn't cool to be on the wrong side of progress.
All people and unions should have equal protection under the law, but special status invokes governmental favoritism.
Supreme Court can decide what it wants, they don't run me.